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"I make shoes for people who prefer private solutions"

Welcome to - a virtual space, where thoughts about irreproachable footwear materialize.

I am grateful for the time given and attention you paid to me and my project.

Che Boots is a Private Brand religion. What does it mean?

I make shoes for people who prefer personal solutions to the mass market.
Each pair of my shoes is handmade. You choose the style, color, material. A limited amount of "most wanted" models is ready to ship in the day of order.
There are no accidental people in the production process. Suppliers with crystal reputation only, high-skilled tanners with necessary experience.

Finally, Che Boots is a very personal project.

Finally, Che Boots is a very private project. I fully dive in with sincerity and passion, pay attention to a single detail in order to reach the best quality, to make step above and beyond borders.

I am sure that each of us has an inbuilt radar. Call it intuition, premonition or fiction. Anyway it unmistakably identifies our soulmates, brothers of mind and sisters of soul. All the attempts of persuasion or tricks on this so called "radar" are pointless.

Open the Che Boots gallery and check up your system: would you like to spend a part of your journey together with me and this project.

I look forward to meeting
you Daria


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